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Architectural Design

Mandressi GmbH thinks that the beauty of architecture consist in trying to transform 

dreams into reality. 

Our scope is always to give our customer support in transforming their ideas into an efficient and recognisable project. 

Every project is a new challenge and mandressi's team can work on all kind of functions 

(Residential,Commercial,Public,Private) and all project scale from urban  to details.

Mandressi also works on renovation project to convert functions or optimize sqm use. 

Architectural design services:


-Preliminary project

-Construction project and detailing

-Existing building renewal

Urban Design

Thanks to his know how in engineering and architecture , due to a 30 years  foreign experience Mandressi can work on urban development and cities to help create a

better environment.Our urban design for developing cities start from infrastructure and services design (roads,sewage,water treatments ecc.)  to the creation of a masterplan 

that will help  the development directions.

Urban design services:

-Preliminary engineering

-Feasibility studies

-Masterplan development

-Functional analysys




Landscape Design

Natural elements always play an important role in architecture. 

Landscape design are always very important and always complete in a perfect way the project. 

A dedicated team will support this phases to study landscape need of every project.

Landscape services:

-Study of vegetation

-Landscape concept and preliminary design

-Landscape construction design



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