Interior Design

A well done interior design is the confirmation of a well designed building. 

For this reason Mandressi Gmbh Believe that is important to follow the project 

till smallest details. 

It is very important to understand all the needs of the client to give the right

atmosphere to the project. 

Our interior design project are always done working with the best solutions

to realize your  ideas. 

Interior design services:

-Feasibility studies


-preliminary project

-executive project and details

-construction and shop drawings

-Product suggestions

-material research







Space planning
This service is specially studied for companies are searching their ideal workplace.
Mandressi GmbH can support your company in identifying building potential and also
setting up in the best way all the workers of your company.
An intelligent space planning method can help to reduce company costs, save space
and increase the business potential.
Space planning services: 
-Comparison of different building in phase of research
-Different Proposal to show how the same team of people can work in different ways in    one building
-Square meters analysys
-Energy consumption studies. 


Custom made furniture
In an interior design project, details are really important. 
For this reason Mandressi GmbH can count on a wide network of producers to transform all drawings into reality. 
Size of project is not important , as our company is used to work from taylor made villa projects to big residential or office complex.
In case of request by the client Mandressi can also prepare all drawings and instructions
for local constructions of cabinets. 
Custom made furniture services:
-100% custom made design 
-Shop drawings ready for construction 
-Possibility of complete manufacturing from Mandressi GmbH



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