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Rimal II

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the office model
the office model

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Rimal II
Rimal II

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Rimal II
Rimal II

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Model making and Media table

A model is the first instrument to verify the project , for this reason Mandressi GmbH 

is used to work with maquette to finalize the architectural design. 

For real estate developer Mandressi can Manufacture state of the art model for selling

operations or for media launch. 

We believe that model is still the most efficient way to let people understand a project. 

Model Making services:

-Realization of models in every scale, from urban to detail

-Shipping services all over the world with high risk protection systems

-Study of digital and light system to create a more interactive experience

-Manufacturing of custom made digital touch screen media table 


Artistic impression

Mandressi GmbH cooperate with famous illustrators and artists to let their customers

feel the taste of the project and represent their concept in the best way. 

Drawings has not to be just a representation but a real artwork that longlast in the time

adding value to the project. 


High quality visualization and film

To represent the project at its best level Mandressi GmbH creates high quality rendering

images and film to give a real effect of the project and impress customers.

Our design and visualisation teams work with the architects to produce everything from hand-drawn sketches to computer renderings, animations and motion graphics.


Catalogues and branding

Help customers give an identity to their project. 

Mandressi Gmbh , through its graphic designer team can study solutions of branding to bring the project alive or to give support in selling operations. 


Branding services: 

-Logo creation

-Brand identity toolkit

-Graphic design of Board and Signage

-Creation of catalogues and ADV materials for building selling operations

-Creation of custom made website