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Building engineering
A contemporary project need a precise follow up on many aspects during construction phases.

Target for Mandressi is to work  with detailed engineering to identify all problems and

technologies before construction to prevent all site delays. 

A team of engineer is prepared to follow up all the needs of architecture and civil construction.

Building engineering services:

-Structural engineering

-MEP engineering

-Architectural Details engineering

-Environmentals engineering

-Renewable energies engineering





Project management
Mandressi GmbH want to deliver to customers a full project-management service, helping clients around the world to define and plan all the project phases within budget and to the highest quality.
This is very important to give the best result of construction and to have a perfect 
synergy between all project phases.
Project management services:
-Supervision on site 
-Organization of all time schedules
-Sub consultant  coordination and organization
-Artistic direction



Purchasing services


An experienced team of people can help all the customers  searching the best products

and giving suggestions to help the organization of all phases of work. 

Purchasing services:


-Shipping services

-Bill of materials

-Bill of quantities




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