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A Biocide is generally defined as chemical substance that eliminate or control the undesired effect of any harmful microorganism. Biocides are commonly used in the industry as disinfectant to prevent biofouling.

Industrial processes are using large quantity of water as a component, transfer media, cooling, steam generation.... Water is a perfect environment for micro-organism proliferation that might lead to significant problems to operation, maintenance and safety.

Correct use of Biocides help to control or eliminate the microbial growth and prevent bio-film formation. There are many different Biocides either organic, inorganic and synthetic, each one with a specific function. They are generally divided in two main categories: Oxydizing and Non-Oxydizing agents.

Widely used for disinfection of fresh water systems. Dosage is depending on different parameters such as contact time, pH, temperature, hold up volume, etc. The base effect on microorganism is the oxidation of cytoplasm.

Acts with different mechanism against microorganism. The most used are quaternary ammonium salts. The use of this Chemical Class has to be controlled by experts and covers a wide range of application within different industries.

Customised according client's needs, a dedicated formulation can be formulated considering effectivness, safety, process compatibility, easy handling, operation...