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Demulsifier Bottle Test
Demulsifier Bottle Test
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Emulsion breaking is one of the most complex and situational aspect of Oil Fields and Refineries chemistry. Stable emulsions are composed by a viriety of water or brine disperse in oil phase.

Emulsions contains three phases: Dispersed phase, Continuous phase and Inter-phase. Demulsifiers and Reverse Demulsifiers are chemicals admixtures formulated to separate Water in Oil & Oil in Water emulsions.

Our range of Demulsifiers and Reverse Demulsifiers are suitable for treating different type of emulsions under severe and demanding conditions.

A proper selection and blending of different bases are essential to formulate the most effective product, this is why our specialist are available to perform lab and field test during product selection.

Able to coalesce water droplets, release free water and remove salts (desalting properties). A proper screening leads to excellent performances even in challenging conditions.

Flocculates sub-micron water droplets dispersed in Oil Phase. Selected high molecular weight polymers grant excellent performances.

Largely used for crude oil desalting, one of the most critical step in Refining process. A rapid water separation at low dosing rates is achieved with crude of different origin.

A balanced blend of different bases used to meet targets in complex emulsion requiring combination of different approaches.

Specifically formulated when is required use of environmentally friendly components or when specific environmental restriction apply.