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Coalescer Pilot Unit

Filtration & Separation Services

Process consultancy

Feasibility studies

Customer taylored solution

Pilot test plants

Package units

Filtration & Separation products

Skid mounted filtration units

Liquid/Gas separators

Any type of filter cardridges

Turbine & compressor protection

Fluid power filtration systems

Filter + Stand-by

Filtration & Separation Services

Mandressi Group’s offer a wide range of filtration and separation technologies  for:


Gas processing

LNG process


Equipment protection

Pilot Testing

Refinery Process Scheme

Refineries & Petrochemicals

Hydrocracker HE protection

CDU overhead reflux coalescer

Basket filters / strainers filters

Burners protection

Hydrocarbons/water separators

Caustic removal from LPG/Kerosene

Oil mist coalescer filters

Final products specs

On-line analyzers



Equipment protection

Mainteinance cost reduction

Emergency shutdown

Fluid power

Final Products

Production improvement

LNG Process filters & separators

  • (Amine contactor protection (feed gas contaminant

Glycol contactor protection (amine carry over

(Compressor protection (fouling & maintenance

(Main LNG refrigerant condenser protection (lube oil carry over

Mol sieve dryer protection

(Mol sieve & catalyst particles removal (fouling, bed life & maintenance

(Main LNG HE protection (fouling fines from MRU

(Amine & glycol loop protection (fouling and contactor protection

Condensate hydrocarbon recovery unit

Condensate water recovery unit

Amine Loop Treatatment
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