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No matter if your company produce, sells or use fuels. Rheochemie has a wide range of specialty fuel additives which can give a boost to your business. 

Products can be customised in a multifunctional additive in accordance to each specific customer requirements.

Increase of Octane Number (RON and MON)

MTBE and Oxygenates Replacement

MON / RON ratio Optimisation 

Increase angine performances and efficiency

Combustion Improvement

Noxious Emission Reduction

Increase of engine performances and efficiency

Noxious Emssion Reduction

Corrosion Inhibition against V2O5

Prevent degradation and gum formations

Inhibit free radicals formation reducing risk of fire and explosion

Prevent microorganism growth in storage tanks

Prevent Corrosion during storage due to water presence

Avoid Corrosion by ethanol water uptake

Increase of Cetane Number

Improvers halp restore the natural lubrication properties that hydrotreating strips away, as well as providing the most economic way to on-spec fuels

Rheochemie Octane Boosters RHC-9600 Series increase client flexibility to process opportunity feedstocks. We carefully select and apply fuel additives to significantly improve client's profitability.

A new category of high performance Octane Boosters products for Oxygenates Replacements. High antiknock power with balanced MON/RON ratio.

The best solution to improve and optimise gasoline blending even using Low Octane Hydrocarbon fractions (Naphta). We can offer ideas for upgrading intermediate streams and finished blends to increase profits. Our specialty products are designed to minimise reprocessing and giveaway costs.

RHC-9300 Series are specific additives studied to be used to improve quality and performances of diesel fuel.

RHC-9300 Series allow fuel consumption reduction up to 10% and more depending on diesel characteristics and engine paramenters.

RHC-9300 Series allow to Reduce NOx and COx emissions up to 30%, black smoke and mainteinance costs. The additives are improving fuel combustion efficiency and Diesel engine performances.

RHC-9300 Series are completely soluble in Hydrocarbons and can be dosed directly in fuel storage tanks.

Typical applications are Power Generation and Automotive Industry.