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Water, an essential resource

Lack of water and environmental regulations are becoming more and more severe, and efficient water and waste water treatment units are becoming an issue to meet required needs.

Available Technologies

Mandressi in-house engineering team has more than 20 years experience and is able to deal with most modern technologies as well as conventional ones.

  • Membrane technologies EDR-EDI-RO

  • Demi water - Ion exchange resins

  • Conventional technologies

  • Ultrafiltration

  • Resin coalescer

Wet Crude Oil Desalter Iraq
EDR Waste Water Treatment - IRAN

Membranes based Technologies

Membrane based desalination technologies such as Electro Dialysis, Reverse Osmosis and Electro Deionization have a wide range of application in water or waste water treatment. Our team will be able to select the correct one and design the unit according your require- ments. Modern automation control systems al- lows nowadays a fully automatic operation of the units.

Traditional Technologies

Our staff experience allows us to perfectly size Clarifiers, flocculators, biological treatments etc. This conventional technologies are always the base of primary and secondary water and waste water treatment.

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