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Crude Oil Desalter

Wet Crude Oil Project

Crude oil from tie point is directed to 2x50% trains, indicated as “Train A” and “Train B” respectively, to be treated. The dehydrator and desalter are operated in series as a two stage system to meet the required performance guarantees. The system is also designed with the provision to by-pass the dehydrator and just run with the desalter in operation.

Additional Equipments

Scope of work also included:


  • Whole PLC+SCADA of the whole plant

  • UPS

  • MCC power board

  • Full instrumentation and control cable package
    All the pipeline, including valves, supports, piperack, etc.

  • All the process, mechanical, electrical, instrument, civil engineer All the inspection and test

  • Delivery to Iraq 

Project Main Equipments

The installation includes the following main equipment:

  • N.2 Balance Vessel (Dia 2200 x C.L. 5500 mm Pdes 10 bar, CS) with Wet Crude Oil Feed Pumps (338 m3/h@93 mwc, CS)

  • N.2 Crude Oil Economizer (shell and tube heat exchanger, Dia 1600 x L 12000 mm, CS) 

  • N.2 Crude Oil Bath Heater (with relevant fuel gas ramp and burner, skid W 4200 mm x L 12000 mm) 

  • N.2 Dehydrator with Mud Wash Pump (Dia 3000 x 7000 mm) – Tri-volt Technology ByCameron

  • Wash Water Economizer – Plate and frame with Titanium plate.

  • Desalter (Dia 3000 x 7000 mm) – Tri-volt Technology By Cameron with Recycle Water Pumps (Duplex material) 

Wet Crude Oil Dehydrator
Wet Crude Oil - Jambur North Iraq

Additional Equipments

In addition the system includes the following common sections/equipment:


  • N.2 Wash Water Tanks (Dia 11 m x C.H. 8.5 m, 800 m3, CS) with N.3 Wash Water Pumps

    (16 m3/h @ 114 mwc) and Water Pressurization Pumps

  • Closed Drain Vessel with pumps - to collect the pressurized drains with gases

  • Off-Spec Tank ( Dia 18 m x C.H. 12.5 m , Vol 3200 m3, API 620, CS) with Off-Spec Pumps

    Separated water from oil Dewatering-Desalting system will be treated before injected for disposal, by a water treatment plant composed as following:

  • Effluent Water Tank (Dia 14 m x C.H. 10.5 m , Vol 1600 m3, API 620, CS)

  • IGF Tank (Dia 2400 m x C.L. 5000 mm , flotation by fuel gas and eductors by recycled

    pressurized water) with IGF Skimmed Oil Pumps and IGF Recycle Pumps

  • Treated water from IGF feed by Filter Feed Pumps to N.2 Nutshell Filters and following N.2

    Cartridge Filters 

  • Water stored in N.1 Treated Water Collecting (Dia 14 m x C.H. 10.5 m , Vol 1600 m3, API

    620, CS) before delivered to disposal through a 6 km pipeline by N.3 Water Injection Pumps (50 m3/h @ 244 mwc, Superduplex)

  • CPI System to treat the effluent water from plant and filters backwash to from effluent basin.

  • Chemicals Dosing System for injection of antifoam, combined antiscalant/corrosion

  • inhibitor, demulsifier, oxygen scavenger, biocide with tanks and pumps

  • Compressed Air System

  • Firefighting System with Fire Water Tank (Dia 14 m x C.H. 10.5 m, Vol 1600 m3), Fire Water Pumps, Jockey Fire Pumps and Diesel Fire Pump

  • Low/High Pressure Flares with relevant K.O. Drums V-08/07, pumps and fuel gas lines

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